Tarbosaurus Skull 3D Printable Model

Hi guys!
I made this model with Zbrush
.The model has been made 9.163 mil - polygons decimation model 1.896mil - polygons . I exported in STL-ZTL- obj and Gcode (Ultimate Cura ) style.
.High Poly .obj format= 9.163 mil 4 pieces
.Decimation Poly.obj format= 1.896mil mil 4 pieces -. Check out my new a Tarbosaurus Skull 3D Printable Model
-. Model Size (mm) :

Upper skull: 62.1 x56.3 x 125.0 mm
Chin: 56.7 x 59.9 x 108.7 mm
Support: 24.4 x 9.9 x 131.7 mm
Floor: 83.5 x 166.7 x 24.4 mm

.Thanks for your purchase!
.Model detail description: English
.I 3D printed this model with Ender 3 Pro at 04 nozzle and 02 mm default settings. If you want, you can get even better quality printing. I made 3d printing like this to be an example. Keep following me. I will also make other popular dinosaur models. Trex Giganatasorurus ... I am creating more and all the skeleton parts, and I will prepare them for printing soon. Please like and make positive comments.
.Thank you.
Model Link : https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/55MX/tarbosaurus-skull-3d-printable-model?utm_source=artstation&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=homepage&utm_term=marketplace